Network Space has been buying, building and managing commercial property since 1982. Whilst we are a long-established business we have a passion for modernity, providing businesses of the North of England with the highest quality property and the highest quality service.

We strive to remain at the cutting edge of our sector by continually investing in our property and the supporting management systems, this coupled with our long-term philosophy and a specialisation in the industrial property market has resulted in us growing to become one of the North’s leading and most active participants in the sector. 

Network Space operates three distinct yet complementary business units: Investment, Development and Management. Each business unit is autonomously managed by its own Director and supporting team, yet they all work closely together to provide investors and partners with a bespoke or a complete property solution capable of delivering long-term value.

Our approach generates consistently strong returns and outputs for our investors and partners. We are conservatively financed, ensuring that we have sufficient capital reserves available to seize investment and development opportunities as they arise. Our continual self-investment ensures that our high-return outputs are both scalable and sustainable.