Network Space is an active value-add investor, with an established industrial portfolio across the North of England.

We are a pro-active investor, with a reputation for unlocking and enhancing value across both single-let properties and multi-let estates, through in-house asset management and portfolio aggregations.  Our current portfolio comprises 20 properties totalling over 800,000 sq ft.

Our Market

We are a respected investor, with a reputation for performance, integrity and deliverability. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and our strong agent & professional relationships across the regions. Our knowledge and relationships are vital to support our performance and continued growth in the industrial sector.

We are confident in the industrial market and the potential for future capital and rental growth across the sector. Our focus is on good quality modern and sustainable real estate, in established locations, which we consider will remain resilient to the current market in the short term and outperform other asset classes in medium-longer term. 

Our Strategy

1. Own quality real estate in desirable locations

2. Manage & enhance our assets utilising our inhouse experienced & skilled workforce 

3. Generate consistent attractive & reliable returns whilst reducing operating costs

4. Utilise market data and agent relationships to capture growth & maximise capital receipts 

Our Requirements

We are actively looking to expand our portfolio across the regions, we are focused on acquiring modern industrial units meeting the following criteria:


  • Lot size £1 million to £4 million
  • Up to 50,000 sq ft
  • Income producing or with VP
  • Value add angles

Multi-Let Industrial (MLI)

  • Lot size £2 million to £10 million
  • Income producing or part vacant
  • Value add angles

Please contact Tom Dawson ( with any opportunities.

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